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What's in it for you

  • Playful learning of all the important make-up basics in every skin color, right up to the pro skills
  • Videogame character: each subsequent training video is based on the previous one
  • After each completed level you take an exam
  • After correctly answering the questions, you'll get access to the next level with even more video content

After you have gone through all the videos - and thus the increasingly difficult levels, you will finally receive your #aroms Online Certificate in cooperation with NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP.

Bonus Level!
After 2 weeks you'll get a cool training video on top as a thank you for choosing aroms.


One day I was sitting with some young girls and we talked about the beauty industry and about Makeup Artist as a dream job.

As there are still more and more young people with this "childhood dream", but the financial resources are simply not always there, many of them let them stay simple and learn a job that may not appeal to them.

Since these private schools are quite costly (between 3,000 - 10,000 USD), it's not possible for someone who is just finished with school / training to attend one of these schools. Especially if the dream can't be funded by their parents.

Youtube Tutorials are an option, but they never really get deeper into the different skin colors, face shapes and problems you have to face as a Makeup Artist.

All this gave me the reason to say; why not just create professional video footage that resolves all the important issues - and most importantly, how to handle them when the customer does not have the "perfect" face.

#aroms is a program for the avid make-up beginner who wants to have more basic knowledge and not just "how to make a beautiful face even more beautiful".

I would like to do something good and donate 10% of the total income to a cancer organization. I also want to give women who are undergoing chemotherapy the opportunity to feel feminine, sexy and self-confident through various makeup tricks.

Hair, eyelashes and eyebrows are the dress of every woman and they are distinguished. However, if these are missing, there is still the possibility of expression with makeup.

That's #aroms. This is us.
Sincerely, Anna Russo.


*** refund policy: 60 days ***