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Level 1

In the first level, you'll find the basic fundamentals that are important to be able to create professional makeup and to understand why we do certain things the way we do them. 😉


  • 1-1 | Brush Declaration

    Here I show you which different types of brushes there are and when you use them in which technique.

  • 1-2 | Color Theory

    In the field of make-up colors play a very important role. Here you will learn how to put colors together and what to look for in certain problems.

  • 1-3 | Face Shapes

    There are many different face shapes. The following video will show you what the “perfect” face shape looks like and what you need to consider if you want to visually balance a face.

Level 2

Now it really can start the first time!
You now know what is important and can proceed in the second level type appropriate.
You start to get a feeling for colors - shapes and different facial types.


  • 2-1 | Foundation / Powder

    How to determine the perfect color for each skin color creates an even complexion and makes the makeup more durable.

  • 2-2 | Correcting

    The products that best balance different types of skin irritation and the order in which this should be done are shown here. Here the color theory from level 1 comes back into play.

  • 2-3 | Contouring & Highlighting

    Nowadays there is no way to think about shaping the face with the help of Contouring & Highlighting. Again Level 1 face shapes will benefit us again. I’ll show you two versions from which you can choose your favorite.

Level 3

Here we start to grope our way to the profit tricks and pay more attention to the fine details. Everyday there are challenges waiting for us which we must learn to master. In the third level the difficulty level increases. You prepare yourself perfectly for the last level.


  • 3-1 | Eyebrows

    The eyebrows are our frame for a perfect eye make-up. How to make a correct eyebrow measurement and create a nice balance – you can see it here.

  • 3-2 | Eyeshadow

    The eye make-up plays a big role. Of course the eyeshadow can not be missed. It comes in different variants and also the different techniques play a big role. The right technique for you or your model you can find out here.

  • 3-3 | Glasses Makeup

    What should be considered when eye make-up for eyeglass wearers – you can see here. We use simple basic techniques from the previous video to create an optical illusion.

  • 3-4 | Eyeliner

    There are many variants. Here you will be shown different variants.

  • 3-5 | Lashes

    The perfect look is topped with glamorous eyelashes. How to define you´re own lashes and apply the fake ones – you can see it here.

Level 4

When you reach the final level, you are well prepared to create professional makeup looks. Whether for the catwalk or a crazy photo shoot - in this level, there is no limit to your creativity. Afterwards an absolute highlight video awaits you.


  • 4-1 | Lips

    Seductive lips complete the complete makeup. What to pay attention to in different lip shapes and how to properly balance out asymmetries – I’ll show you in this video.

  • 4-2 | Blush

    The right choice of color and technique is important for a perfect blush to give the almost finished make-up the final touch.

  • 4-3 | Fashion Looks

    In 3 videos I show you 3 different fashion looks which you can create for different occasions.
    – Catwalk | colorful and fresh
    – Beauty | warm and sensual
    – Pastel | delicate and light

  • 4-4 | Decollete

    The neck and chest area of ​​a woman can be visually perfected. Here’s another video from Level 2 (Contouring & Highlighting). With ups and downs we conjure a seductive cleavage.

  • 4-5 | Men's Makeup

    Of course the men should not be neglected either. Whether in everyday life or in front of the camera; nowadays a male makeup is no longer special. What you have to pay attention to – you will learn in this video.

Bonus Level

As a thank you for your loyalty I would like to provide you with a special video: BODY CONTOURING.
Here you get an insight into the world of "body painting". Have fun with it!


  • 5-1 | Body Contouring

    Sixpack in less than 10 minutes.

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